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Dual Ball Bearing Garrett To4Z . 700-750HP flow potential. Compressor wheel diameter is 84mm exd. / 66.7mm ind. (63trim) Compressor housing is .70 A/R has a 4" inlet and 2.5" outlet slip on connection. Flexible range of T4 Turbine housings available in divided and undivided entry, all with standard 3" V-band discharge. Available Divided T4 Housing A/R, .70, .84, 1.00, 1.15, Undivided T4 .61, .70, and .96 A/R as well as T31 (T3) with 4 bolt outlet now available in .63 and .82 A/R. 


-Wheel: 74.2mm w/ 76 trim

-T4 Divided Housing A/R: .70, .84, 1.00, 1.15

-T4 Undivided Housing A/R: .61 and .70

-T4 Undivided Housing with 3 inch V-band Outlet A/R: .96

-T31 (T3) inlet, 4 bolt Housing A/R: .63 and .82 


-Wheel: 84.0mm exd./66.7mm ind w/ 63 trim

-Housing: 0.70 A/R


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Turbo by Garrett

Turbine Wheel OD (mm) 74.2
Compressor Wheel OD (exducer) (mm) 84.0
Compressor Wheel Inducer (mm) 66.7
Turbine Inlet Flange T4 Divided (Twin Scroll), T4 Undivided, T3 (T31), SS TiAL Compatible V-Band
Turbine Outlet Flange V-Band