Tomei Procam RB26DETT IN 260-10.8mm




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The general purpose of engine tuning is to change the torque characteristics of the engine by changing the cams duration timing and cam lift amount for maximum torque and horse power. However tuning the engine is not only based on that. When going into finer details by maximizing the Valves efficiency is not just about timing and height lift but to also maximize the intake efficiency. The high valve lift allows huge amounts of air in but at the same time it mechanically damages the valve train and gains added friction loss. Longer cam durations and big cam lifts give deliver more power at higher engine speeds but it also gives a rough idle and at low engine speeds. Tomei engineers worked hard to produce camshafts that will deliver a well balanced profile at 1.3-1.5 times more than the stock camshaft.


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Cylinder Head Parts Camshaft
Engine Model R34 RB26DETT, R33 RB26DETT, R32 RB26DETT
Lift 10.8 mm
Duration 260